That's us - Cathleen & Maik and we warmly welcome you to our site. If you landed on this page, it is certainly no coincidence. :)

Cathleen: When we got to know and love each other, we didn't know who we were for each other. Neither Maik nor I knew what twin flames actually are and what it means. We only knew: something is different and completely different than in other relationships. And we knew we were the same in every way.

I was at one of the spiritual seminars again and by chance I got to know the concept of the twin flames, which should open my eyes. The concept set the ball rolling and Maik and I looked deeper and deeper into it. We finally understood what it was about. Everything I had learned so far in my life path in relationships, jobs, spirituality, etc., now led to this fateful encounter. I am infinitely grateful that we got to know each other and that we are allowed to go the further way together. I also believe that we have a job here as a couple!

I see it in supporting people who are in this twin flame process. I want to help you live this fulfilling and unconditional love. I would like to pass on my previous experiences in spirituality to you.

Nice that you're here.

P.S. Since we are living by the sea, this topic will always accompany you on the page. :)